Fox News Reporter Greg Gutfeld Pays Tribute to Power Trip’s Riley Gale

We are still reeling from the devastating loss of Riley Gale of Power Trip, who died Monday night. Fox News‘ program ‘The Five‘ was originally not the most favorite show of late Gale, but they paid tribute to him. The show’s resident metalhead, Greg Gutfeld paid a heartfelt tribute and talked about becoming friends, and how they became friends. When the band was originally mentioned the show, their use of their music was met with a tweet of ‘cease & desist’ and their fans followed suit. Gutfeld reported that Riley died in his sleep”, but that has not been confirmed by the family yet. He also said he thinks, everyone should “buy Nightmare Logic and make it go to number 1.” The two guys from different worlds and different points of view had a meeting of the minds, not a surprise if you knew Riley, who was a great uniter of peoples. RIP.