Fossils Streaming “Dead Ringer” and “The Ridge And The Rock”


Danish metallers Fossils will be releasing The Meating EP via Indisciplinarian on March 3, 2015. Stream “Deadringer” featuring Jacob Bredahl (The Kandidate, ex-HateSphere) and “The Ridge And The Rock” featuring Marie Højlund (Marybell Katastrophy) here.

On The Meating, the FOSSILS duo steps far outside of their generally completely instrumental works, capturing the vocal interpretations of seven tracks from their first album, Meat Rush, as performed by various singers at the Flesh Hammer LP release show in March 2014. Originally thought as a one-off at the release event, the performers were subsequently brought into the studio to document their contributions to the original tracks. The result is The Meating, a highly seductive abnormality with high energy vocals, noise and poetry contributions for all to enjoy while waiting for the next instrumental FOSSILS album to arrive in the beginning of 2016.

The Meating Track Listing:
1. Deadringer (feat. Jacob Bredahl – The Kandidate, ex-HateSphere)
2. Taxon (feat. Ultimate Combat Noise)
3. Meat Lover (feat. Mads Stobberup – Cola Freaks)
4. Ridge and the Rock (feat. Marie Højlund – Marybell Katastrophy)
5. Speedbacon (feat. Seb Doubinsky)
6. Ham Reader (feat. Mikko Mansikkala Jensen)
7. Ködhabit (feat. Kim Kix – Powersolo)

FOSSILS will be performing at the three Danish Indisciplinarian Label Nights in late March with labelmates Piss Vortex and Anti Ritual in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg, before taking their dynamic two man show to festivals across Europe.

Indisciplinarian Label Nights 2015 w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual:
Mar 26: Stengade – Copenhagen DK
Mar 27: Radar – Aarhus DK
Mar 28: 1000fryd – Aalborg DK

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