Flotsam And Jetsam Books Spring 2019 Headline Tour

Thrash metal legends Flotsam And Jetsam have announced a 2019 headline tour of the USA. Having just supported Hammerfall on a recent tour, and now they are heading back out to support their forthcoming new album, The End of Chaos, due out in November from AFM Records. The band welcomed Ken Mary (Alice Cooper, Accept) as their permanent drummer, since the departure of Jason Bittner to Overkill.

Vocalist Eric “A.K.” Knutson told Capital Chaos TV about the new album:

There’s 12 songs on the record. This was [whittling] down from 40-something songs these guys wrote for me to put lyrics on, and we had to quickly go through all of them and go, ‘Which ones capture our attention the most?’ Those are the ones we concentrated on. There was just great song after great song after great song coming to my house every other day, and I’m like, ‘Wow, how am I going to keep up with this?’ It worked out pretty good.”

Added guitarist Michael Gilbert:

We used to have a certain template that we’d write. Now, we’re writing more for this guy to sing a heavier, more memorable chorus for people. You’re always learning as a songwriter, trying to achieve the perfect chorus that someone’s going to remember after the song’s over. If you’ve got that going, then you’ve [written] a successful song.”

Things have evolved a little more catchy with our songwriting, but not really on purpose too much. It was just as we evolve and our tastes and our loves in music evolve, so does our writing. I really like the direction we’re going now.”

Flotsam And Jetsam 2019 tour dates (venue details to be announced):

May 10 – Denver, CO

May 11 – Tulsa, OK

May 12 – Oklahoma City, OK

May 13 – New Orleans, LA

May 14 – Winter Park, FL

May 15 – Margate, FL

May 16 – Ocala, FL

May 17 – Durham, NC

May 18 – Covington, KY

May 19 – Halethorpe, MD

May 21 – Philadelphia, PA

May 22 – New York, NY

May 23 – Clifton, NJ

May 24 – Poughkeepsie, NY

May 25 – Quebec City, QUE

May 26 – Montreal, QUE

May 27 – Toronto, ONT

May 28 – Hartford, CT

May 30 – Westland, MI

May 31 – Louisville, KY

Jun. 01 – Joliet, IL

Jun. 02 – Milwaukee, WI

Jun. 03 – Minneapolis, MN

Jun. 04 – Merriam, KS

Jun. 05 – Colorado Springs, CO

Jun. 06 – Salt Lake City, UT

Jun. 08 – Vancouver, BC

Jun. 09 – Seattle, WA

Jun. 10 – Portland, OR

Jun. 11 – San Francisco, CA

Jun. 12 – Santa Ana, CA

Jun. 13 – West Hollywood, CA

Jun. 14 – San Diego, CA

Jun. 15 – Tempe, AZ