Rock Am Ring Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat, Today’s Lineup Canceled

Chaos ensued earlier today in Nuremberg, Germany at the legendary Rock Am Ring Festival. It was evacuated over a possible bomb threat, with the festival organizers released a statement confirming that the rest of the June 2 lineup has been canceled. Today’s show included a headlining performance from Rammstein.

The fest posted messages to their social networks, with explanations about the evacuation and refunds.


Rock am Ring has not shared the exact details of the terror threat, but it’s serious enough to evacuate the festival grounds and campsites. According to their posts Organizers hope to re-open the grounds for the remaining two days of the fest on Saturday and Sunday.

This comes just two weeks after confirmed terrorists set off a bomb at Manchester’s O2 Arena at the tail end of an Ariana Grande concert. Last years’ fest was also partially canceled during lightning strikes.

Ghost Cult will keep following this story and always urges fans to continue to support live music everywhere in the world, to have fun, but also to remain vigilant.