Fear Factory Will Release a New Version of “The Industrialist” with Mike Heller on Drums


As reported by Blabbermouth.net, drummer Mike Heller (Malignancy) has confirmed to New Breed TV that the band’s 2012 album The Industrialist, will be released to digital services in a new version where the drum-machine used on the original recording will be replaced by Heller’s live drums. No word as to whether the current Kickstarter by Fear Factory for their new album Regenerate will also fund this endeavor. Interestingly The Industrialist is the only Fear Factory album not on streaming services. Heller commented:

“The Industralist, which never had real drums, is going to be — at least as far as drums go — re-recorded,” Heller said (see video below). “I will be recording real drums on [it], and it will get a release alongside the original.”