Exodus To Celebrate 40th Anniversary In 2019 With Hometown Shows

In a new interview, Exodus frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza says the thrash metal innovators will celebrate the bands 40th anniversary in 2019 with a series of shows in San Francisco. Formed in 1980 by high school friends Kirk Hammett and Tom Hunting, the band would go on to invent the style of thrash metal and put the Bay Area Thrash on the musical map. The band played a series of hometown shows last year where they brought up old members to perform, including Rick Hunolt and Robb Dukes.

“I think that we’re gonna do something in San Francisco next year; we’re gonna do a residency there, back at home, for 40 years. We’re talking about it right now. Maybe three or four nights at a certain place. We played there last year two nights, called The Chapel. Probably bring old members up — that sort of thing — and see what happens. It’s in the talks; [it’s] definitely in the works right now.”