Exhumed Premiere “Lifeless” Video

Long-standing gore metal maniacs, Exhumed, will be unleashing their new album, Death Revenge, on October 13th via Relapse Records. What can we expect? Matt Harvey said this, “I think this record has a darker vibe than the last two, with a pretty gnarly tale of grave-robbery, dissection, murder, and all sorts of general skullduggery. We dig it and we hope you filthy animals will too.

Today they’ve released their new ‘Lifeless’ video online, along with this statement, “Following sequentially through the album’s track list, we are stoked to lay ‘Lifeless’ on you. ‘Defenders Of The Grave’ is the introduction for the tale of Death Revenge and ‘Lifeless’ sets the actual plot that continues for the rest of the record in motion. Fitting with the vibe of the storyline as a whole, the clip focuses more on story elements and vibe rather than close up shots of guitar-noodling. I think it sets the tone nicely. Cheers!

Pre-order Exhumed‘s ‘Death Revenge’ here.