EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Toxaemia – “Pestilence”

Old-School Swe-deth masters Toxaemia have unleashed a new video and single and you can check it out here at Ghost Cult! The track “Pestilence” comes from their upcoming new album Where Paths Divide, which will be released in late November by Emanzipation Productions. This cult band is finally releasing a full-length album 30 years after forming. The song is an absolute OSDM style banger: technical and brutal! The video shows the band tracking the new album and a bit of a day in the life type of vibe too. Check it out!

“”Pestilence” is a fast-paced energetic song that has something for everyone, as I see it”, bassist Pontus Cervin ponders. “Lyrically it has layers, it could easily be about the plague for sure, but it could just as easily be about social media or just toxic people around us. I think it depends on who is listening”.” Pontus Cervin

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