EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Thomas Abban – “Don’t Leave”

Eclectic Rock and RnB artist Thomas Abban will share his new EP this Friday, June 24th, 2022 – Ambienic. Equal parts Lenny Kravitz, Zeal & Ardor, and Jimi Hendrix, with a sprinkle of Marvin Gaye on top, Abban is following up his acclaimed 2021 full-length The Spiritualizer by going DIY for this new EP. With his infectious voice and flawless playing, this rising artist is going to be your new obsession. Watch the vide ofor his hew single “Don’t Leave” here at Ghost Cult!

“This EP was made alone by me. It consists of songs predating my last album which I was unable to release. The EP was crafted with certain styles and emotions in mind. I had a particular sound I was pursuing for this project that I wanted to explore within a smaller medium like an EP. I wanted something with a more immediate core yet with deep and distant surroundings. The first person I played it for called it ‘Ambienic.'”

-Thomas Abban

Ambienic EP – Tracklisting


  1. Plenty


  1. Don’t Leave


  1. Mean Side


  1. Be Loved


  1. Visions (Return of the Mean Side)


Thomas Abban Bio:

Thomas Abban – self proclaimed artist in residence in existence – was born in Wales, and moved to Minnesota at the age of 10. Thomas produced and played everything on his first album A Sheik’s Legacy in 2017 which was self-released and then re-issued by RCA in 2018. His second album, The Spiritualizer was released in 2021 after a parting of ways with RCA due to creative differences in 2019 and then COVID in 2020.


“I’ve never been from the places I’ve lived. In some ways, this is favorable because I will never be tied to any culture, its traditions, or practices. Art, in particular music, is my homestead and undefinable culture. If the collective unconscious reveals itself, it is certainly through music; and if God dreams it is certainly to the sound of human creation. As an artist, I seek the balance between the known and unknown. With music, we speak a language whose meaning is destroyed when its words are spelled out. Artists bottle up vapor for a living, they erect invisible structures as dwelling places for the minds of others, they give wings to humanity and tell them to go take their own fire from the Gods.” – Thomas Abban