EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: The Earthly Frames- “She Waits For Yesterday”

Ghost Cult is pumped to debut the brand new video from The Earthly Frames, ‘She Waits For Yesterday’. The track comes from the new album Light Reading, releasing tomorrow January 11th, 2019. This delicious piece of off the wall alt-pop/post-punk weirdness comes from the brain of solo auteur Gabriel Walsh, for which The Earthly Frames is just one of many guises worn by Walsh in twenty-five years of art making. In addition to the hook-laden track of droning synths, glitchy samples, and buzzing bass; B movie aficionados may recognize the Invasion of the Bee Girls clip, now in the public domain as the visual component. Check it out!

A quote from the artist:

“Light Reading, The Earthly Frames’ second LP, uses a pile of discarded books with long, audacious titles as a way to lament the loss of knowledge. Us humans make a lot to read, watch, listen to and most of it we end up metaphorically or literally tossing. Light Reading is a walk through these little book worlds as the technology, ideology they espouse becomes passe and everything comes crashing down.

One of these books is called “She Waits for Yesterday.” A sci-fi novel from the 70s filled with cringe-worthy sexploitation, new age transcendence, and multi-dimensional adventures. Our heroine, Kate (?) finds herself on the verge of decoherence when trying to find a way back into her own time-space. To return home, she has to wait for yesterday.

For the video, the film “Invasion of the Bee Girls” (which has lapsed into the public domain) is chopped up and mixed with The Earthly Frames trying to find their own, secret way into the past before, like Kate, we find ourselves forever lost in decoherence. NSFW-ish.”

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