Alternative Rock band The Color Blew just released their new album Light Switch, last week, November 1st. The Johannesburg-based quartet just dropped a new video for their single ‘The Man’ and Ghost Cult is gonna bring it to ya! Frustrated with a system that has let everyone done, ‘The Man’ is as political and topical as you can get for 2019, reflecting the angst many feel. The video was shot by renowned videographer and director Dizzy Khaki during the band’s performance at Speedofest. Check it out!

Songwriter, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Liaan Horton:

Ego meets humble pie… the result of politicians playing gods and the result of their arrogance rising up to deny them. I wrote the lyrics from a point of resisting what we are forced to believe and revolting from the suburbs to the ghetto against the narrative we are force fed… Can you hear the thunder!”

Light Switch is available now on all digital platforms:

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