EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Rogue – “Serpent Syndicate”

Lafayette, Louisiana’s Proggy Metalcore band Rogue has teamed up with Ghost Cult to stream the video for their new single “Serpent Syndicate!” The track is the final single from their upcoming EP, Phantom, due out in October. Composed of Jansen Nunez (vocals) and Jeffrey Fisher (guitar) Rogue has all the hard-hitting trademarks of the genre, with a flair for originality and modernism. The video is as crushign as the track and demands attention! Watch the video now!


Quote from guitarist Jeffrey Fisher: As the grand finale of our upcoming EP, Phantom, “Serpent Syndicate” is incredibly forthcoming with its meaning, leaving no room to the imagination that this is the end of the story we have set out to tell. With lyrics such as “this is the sound the soul makes when it dies,” the character undergoes his final death. This aggressive transmission is further complemented by the relatively unusual simplicity of the song’s structure and instrumental work, allowing the vocals to be the focal point.


Rogue is Jansen Nunez (vocals) and Jeffrey Fisher (guitar).


Phantom EP Track List

  1. Boros
  2. Jackal
  3. Viper
  4. Phantom
  5. Serpent Syndicate

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