EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Patrick Doval -”Broken Girl”

Prolific Miami DIY artist Patrick Doval is has dropped a brand new single/video ‘Broken Girl’! This is the follow-up to his last album Broken, which released this past January. Owing a lot of influence to post-Punk and Goth, Doval’s new single has a tinge of classic new-wave to it for added emotional effect as well. Directed by Geo Ruiz and Doval, who also edited the clip, watch the stunning video for ‘Broken Girl’ now!

Doval comments:

“‘Broken Girl’ is a song about a girl who has difficulty finding love. She’s been broken, torn, used and left alone to struggle and break free from making the same mistakes again. In the video, I worked with a former photography student of mine, Geo Ruiz. We co-directed and wanted to capture the symbolism of a girl who has lost her faith and was giving up on life. My inspiration for the song and video came from my personal experiences in life where I’ve tried to help others who are broken and lost from the hurt of love. ‘Broken Girl let me heal your wounds, you’re falling apart, you’re forgetting who you are.’ Broken Girl, let me heal your wounds, let me slide right into your broken heart.”

Broken track listing:

1. Rose

2. In You

3. Promise Land

4. Paris

5. You Lied To Me

6. Broken

7. Baby

8. Imaginary Friend

9. Broken Girl

10. Mi Amour

11. Tears (Live)


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