Ghost Cult is stoked to bring you the North American premiere of the new video from Aussies Glass Ocean for their track ‘Beyond Us’. The infections, powerful track comes from their upcoming new full-length album, due out later in 2020 via Wild Thing Records. The band has opened for bands both post-Rock and progressive, but ‘Beyond Us’ is a harbinger of something else on the horizon musically for this rising band. Check out the distinctly 1980s flavor of the video here!

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Vocalist Tobias Atkins comments about the themes behind the song: “It’s about facing who we are and that our shortcomings appears to be scarier than any horror movie or nightmare. I think it’s generally a very difficult thing to look straight in the eye. For those that don’t, we drift through life either unaware of a looming travesty, or we are awake and in fear. I think the punishment is far greater not meeting it head on. ‘Beyond us’ is about running from and also confronting the things we wish to forget or leave behind in time.”