EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Daemonia Nymphe – The Journey of the Psyche

Daemonia Nymphe is unlike any music you have heard in 2018. Even if you are regular traveler of the unconventional, more avant-garde flavored corner of the pagan and folk genres, this enchanting group will thrill you with their compositions and performances that have much in common with the lighter moments of Enslaved, Arkona, Agalloch, Thrawsunblat, and Wardruna. They just re-released their album Psychostasia last month on Bandcamp, and the group had decided to share their haunting new song ‘The Journey of the Psyche’, and their new video today here at Ghost Cult!

Spyros G of Daemonia Nymphe commented:

“It was a rainy night, a very rainy night indeed in east London ; the perfect circumstances to film outside? Maybe not, but definitely the ideal atmosphere for this particular piece. We filmed with long time collaborators Rey Yusuf and Victoria Couper who we’ve met since we moved to London over ten years ago. Filmed by Simon Kallas who has recently been working with us, visually capturing the project in his own particular artistic style, a genuine collaboration.

Being an artist, it is essential to be isolated in order to visualise your work, but it is also as essential to collaborate with other artists. And it’s often the work of others that is necessary to complete the work. An old friend Merlyn and his father Gerald Roberts provided the space and made this video possible.

The Journey of the Psyche’ doesn’t refer to the afterlife only, but it is also about the living. Take the journey with us and visualise our world within yours.”

Order the album: https://daemonianymphe.bandcamp.com/album/psychostasia