EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Casket Robbery Shares a New Lyric Video for “Worm Food”


Mid-west Brutal Technical Death Metal militia Casket Robbery has teamed up with Ghost Cult Magazine to share their new single and lyric video – “Worm Food!” The track comes off their highly-anticipated new album Rituals of Death – due out on November 11, 2022, via Blood Blast Distribution. The track is a thick slab of tech death majesty, with a relentless slamming groove. Directed by Scott Rudd, the video is a great companion to this sick new song, sure to be on your spooky season stay-list! Watch the lyric video now for “Worm Food” and pre-order the album at the links below.

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The band commented on the new track:

Megan Orvold-Scheider (Vocals) –

I was reading a book on old burial practices and came across how some people used to have bells attached above ground in the cemetery in case they were buried alive. That kind of morphed into this creepy song “Worm Food” about being buried alive and the desperation that would cause. Waking up in all black, confined.


Cory Scheider (Guitar) –

For the music portion, I think we had a few of the riffs first and Megan was able to piece some of the lyrics over those to start. When the lyrics started coming in, in typical Casket fashion, I tried to suit the rest of the song to fit the frantic feelings and emotion that the lyrics were portraying. It’s great having such awesome lyrics to write to, because it challenges me to come up with something musically that is on the same level. We also pushed a lot of song tempos faster on this album, and you’ll hear that in this song.


Casket Robbery is:

Megan Orvold-Scheider – Vocals

Cory Scheider – Guitars

Troy Powell – Guitars

Bryan Bykowski – Bass

Erik Schultek – Drums


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