EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Albert Frost – “I’m Still Here”

South African Bluesy Rocker Albert Frost is back with a kickass new video for his song “I’m Still Here”, which you can see here at Ghost Cult today! Frost is the award-winning artist dubbed the “South African Hendrix” as he is a master of the guitar, but also a talented songsmith and singer as well. “I’m Still Here” is streaming on all digital platforms and is a fun FU to haters and carving out a lasting career in music despite the pressures and problems that come with it! The video is about the artists’ muse. Albert is frustrated and constantly trying to break through to her to release that artistic creativity. At the end of the video, they finally find each other. Watch the video right now!

Albert comments:

“It’s a celebration of the passion for what we do, an affirmation of purpose. A promise to keep believing and doing what we do no matter what.”