EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Huntsmen – Canary King

Ghost Cult is proud to bring you the première from Chicago’s Huntsmen and their new clip for the track ‘Canary King’! The track comes from their upcoming album ‘American Scrap’, due out on February 23rd from Prosthetic Records. Huntsmen blends their passion for Americana and storytelling with the unique POV lyrics and heaviness of bands they admire such as Neurosis, Wovenhand, Red Fang, High On Fire, 16 Horsepower and more.

The band commented on the track:

Canary King is pretty straightforward. It’s a story about the bleak and deadly drudgery of working as a coal miner in the U.S. around the turn of the 20th century, a job that’s linked closely to the image and prosperity of our country, but is also a solid example of its hypocrisy. Most of our advancements and daily luxuries have been made possible by the constant availability of electricity, whose fuel is usually coal mined by middle-income, working class people. A romanticized image of our country paints these people as the lifeblood and spirit of America, but in reality we have preferred to forget them, while they have suffered and died under horrifying working conditions for modest wages at best.

Pre-order American scrap here:http://smarturl.it/Huntsmen