St. Louis rock band CAVO has shared a new single today – “Muscle Memory,” which is streaming on all DSPs. It’s the latest string of singles the band has released of late, it might be the strongest so far. The band has teamed up with Ghost Cult to share the Juan Ibanez directed clip for the track, primarily a performance video with a narrative story intertwined. The track tells an inspirational story, and the vibrant, anthemic track just hooks you with its catchy melodies and hypnotic guitars. Watch the clip right now!


The band commented:

Humanity has grown numb, conversations become screaming matches where no one can hear each other and it all just becomes noise pollution. We no longer strive to dream or better each other. Instead, we make it through the day on auto pilot. – Muscle Memory

“The great thing about the four of us in Cavo is that we’ve always been fully committed to this band,” explains bassist Brian Smith. “Even if we haven’t been in a spotlight for a bit and we have other projects going on, our bond is as tight as ever, and we’ve never stopped releasing music. We love writing together, playing together and just being together as friends, and that’s why we’ve been able to keep going together as long as we have.” Drummer Andy Herrin adds, “We’ve been sitting on a ton of previously unreleased stuff that Casey, Chris, Brian, and I truly love, so we thought it was time to start putting it out for our fans to hear. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive, and we can’t thank the fans enough for continuing to support the band!”


Purchase the track here:https://ffm.to/_musclememory


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