EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Beyond Grace – Apoptosis

Rising UK death metallers Beyond Grace have partnered up with Ghost Cult tp release their new music video for their track ‘Apoptosis’, from their 2017 album Seekers. Check it out!

The band commented on the concept for the video:

“Apoptosis” is a biological term for the process of pre-programmed cell-death which is vital for growth and development, and the song itself addresses themes of transformation and evolution, ego-death and transcendence of the physical, and features lyrics adapted (with permission) from the novel “Annihilation” by Jeff Vandermeer – the movie adaptation of which is released this Friday (the 23rd).

This is probably the proggiest song on the album, truth be told, and one of the most melodic too. It’s all big riffs, big hooks, and one big instrumental outro which (purposefully) changes the entire character of the song – something which we’ve tried to match with the video.

And speaking of the video, this was shot and edited by our good friend Eric Revill-Dews of Bigger Boat Film, who also shot and edited our video for “Oracle”. It once again sees us trying to do something a little different, this time by going for more of a “short film” kind of feel, and avoiding the temptation to splice in generic performance footage (despite the pressure from certain people to do so). It’s also worth watching carefully for a few little easter eggs you might be able to spot/recognise which we’ve dotted around here and there in the background.