EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Autumn Walker – “Daydreamer”

Ghost Cult is stoked to bring you the brand new video from up and coming rockers Autumn Walker. The hilarious video is an absurd day in the life look at the monotony and absurdity of our world. The infectious song is the title track from the bands’ forthcoming debut album, due on September 27th, 2019 via Lucky Hound Music. Check it out now!

Lodin Fortenberry (singer/guitarist) commented:

Daydreamer started out as an observation of the proverb “ignorance is bliss”. Its easier to daydream through life never questioning or thinking for yourself. While in this state a person’s outlook can be easily swayed. The song is a sort of commentary on what I like to call the “Headline Generation”. Purveyors of outrage culture and virtue signaling. A pseudo information age influenced by social media platforms.

Throughout the song I’m in a dream-like state. The people I encounter awaken through music or thought later on. At the end I wake up and realize, I too have been dreaming all along.”

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