EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Abby K – “Rock the Rock”

Rising rocker Abby K may be young in years, but her future looks bright! Ghost Cult is stoked to share her new music video for her single “Rock the Rock”, a no-nonsense jam about being in a band, the lifestyle of a free-thinking rebel fan or any musician can relate to. With her snarling vocals and high energy performance, you can see how we may be watching the next Taylor Momsen or Lzzy Hale here. Watch the official music video for “Rock The Rock” right now!


Abby K comments:

“Someone once told me that rock music was a thing of the past. I wrote Rock the Rock as a reaction to that comment because Rock and Roll will never die. There is a new generation of rock musicians on the rise, especially females who are ready to Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk, and Rock the Rock!”

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