EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Abby K – “I Thought That I Loved You”

When we last saw young rocker Abby K, she was dishing out a badass anthem about loving life and music. On her new song “I Thought That I Loved You” we see another side entirely in this heart-wrenching ballad. The tasteful video helps tell the narrative of the tune, while Abby belts out the tune with power and style beyond her age. Watch the clip right now!  


Abby K comments:

 “I Thought That I Loved You” is my favorite song that I have ever written. I have had this emotional power ballad vision in my head since the moment I wrote the song in my bedroom. I knew exactly what I wanted for this song and this music video from the start, and what you’re about to see and hear is just that.  


Purchase and stream the track here: https://orcd.co/3x5bqqr

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