EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Winter Nights – “When December Burns”

Long-running New York melodic Death Metal band Winter Nights have shared their first single, ‘When December Burns’, from their upcoming self-titled release. The album is due out on July 31st and is bound to conjure the frost-bitten fjords of the motherland, even on sweltering summer days. The new track is their first new music after the 2014 release An Endless Apocalypse, and is meant to be more grim yet very dramatic and full of catchy melodies. The band even remarked: “Well, very well. We’ve once again offered something different than our previous work. We are looking to conjure the feeling of dread, and remembrance. We hope they can relate to it in one way or another.” Fans of old school Amon Amarth and At The Gates will dig this band. Jam out to “When December Burns” now!

Vocalist / guitarist Jeremy Farfan elaborates:

“When this song was written it was meant to be a super-fast almost thrash death type of vibe. One rehearsal, lead guitarist Efrain busted out with a tapping lick that resonated through our studio. It was then we knew this song had to have a certain harmonic feeling. Taking the tempo down and accenting on the tapping lick, we built something new to us and what feels like the next step of the band. The idea behind this song is self-immolation (death by setting oneself on fire). Through the album, we explore various ways of offing yourself so to speak. It stems from a dream Lead singer Jeremy had where he climbed to the top of a tall hill, turned back to see the world burning, and decided to go out in flames as well. As usual, though, he wakes up right before he loses consciousness. He remembers to this day the burning feeling creating bliss”

The self-titled album debuts on July 31, 2020 and is available for pre-order here: https://winternights.bandcamp.com/

Track Listing:
1. When December Burns (5:47)
2. Starved For Energy (4:09)
3. Withdrawals (4:11)
4. Unmarked Grave (4:52)
5. Day The Sun Died (4:01)
6. Encounters (5:19)
Album Length: 28:21

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