EXCLUSIVE STREAM: The Endangered Species – “Magic Man”

Atlanta’s Blues-Rock up and comers The Endangered Species have shared a new stream and video for their new single “Magic Man”, shared exclusively today here at Ghost Cult. The track comes from their debut album, due out on October 18th. The project was born from terrible tragedy; brothers Wade and Robin Divver, lost their father was brutally murdered by the Sinaloan drug cartel on February 12th, 2001. The only living memory the brothers have of their father were his most prized possessions: a 1983 Fender Stratocaster and a 1967 Gibson SG. Eight years later, inspired by their life experiences the pair officially started their band The Endangered Species. The album releases just in time for their father’s birthday to honor his memory and maybe change the world in the process. The track is pure pain and soul, an explosion of frosty vocals, slick guitar and fierce B3 organ playing. The video is also a lot of fun! Jam out to the track now!

The band commented:

“The concept of the video is to capture the groove of the song. The idea was to show all types of different dance being done to the song. Pole dancers, break dancers, astronauts on the moon listening to the song, dead people dancing, etc. The lyrics are more serious and dark in nature, so instead of a doom and gloom video I wanted to create a video that put the focus on the groove of the song. I think it makes the song more fun and exciting for the listener. The lyrics will speak for themselves for the listener who can relate. As I stated before Magic Man is the drug dealer who is benefiting off the addicts addiction. Fueling the demise of others for his own gain. The song expresses the path of the desperate addict giving up more and more to satisfy their addiction, until they are so desperate they take everything they need from Magic Man by putting a gun to his head.’But they ask so politely indeed.’ The video was created and produced by Robin Divver (Rock & Roll Rd. Productions).”


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