EXCLUSIVE STREAM: The Amblers – “Sixteen 100 Year Olds”

South African Alternative Rock band The Amblers have returned with a new single ‘Sixteen 100 Year Olds’ via Mongrel Records. The bands lo-fi aesthetics can’t mask the primal bluesy energy and sensuality of this track. Check out the single from this exciting two-man band right now!


“I love making music, it’s an endless struggle for me. Exhilarating, infuriating and wonderful. By the time we get to press releases like here and now, it’s all been done. No back peddling. No correcting. Only the wonderful torment ahead…I hope you enjoy the song and that you find something within it for your own story and journey. If not, maybe it’ll get you tapping your feet. Which is good too!” – Justin Swart.


“Recording drums for this track at High Seas Studios was as always, a blast. Our approach has always been an organic one, but this one was special. The amount of vintage drum gear alone warms my little heart! One take, no edits, no samples. Simply good people in a good room, making music. What more could you ask for?” –Jason Hinch

Buy // Stream: ‘Sixteen 100 Year Olds’ https://orcd.co/sixteen100yearolds


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