EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Milquetoast – “Space Force”

Benny Stucker (IG: benny_stucker)

Benny Stucker (IG: benny_stucker)

Indiana power trio and lords of the funderground Milquetoast will drop a new album, Caterwaul, on January 28th, 2022 via the esteemed purveyors of badassery – Wise Blood Records. The band has teamed up with Ghost Cult today to drop their new single “Space Force” in all its aural glory. But don’t be fooled by its epic surf-punk, Tarantino-soundtrack on crack cool intro, as it devolves into a sludgy Melvins-inspired middle section, before spazzing out again. Although rooted in hardcore, stoner rock, and metal, this band continues to surprise us with each new track. Caterwaul was mastered by Chris Fielding of Conan and recorded and mixed by Tucker Thomasson (Throne of Iron). Artwork by Ellie Shvaiko (IG: bun_aus_nord). Sign up for the “Space Force” right now!


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Vocalist/guitarist Ty Winslow comments:

“The initial idea for the song was sparked shortly after the announcement that the Space Force would become a new branch of the military. It all just seemed a little goofy, especially after they basically stole the Starfleet symbol. For some reason making a surf rock song about it just seemed funny to me. We didn’t do much with the idea for a while. Once we did start working on it, I wanted Andy to write the lyrics besides the “Space Force” shouts, because they were a Marine and I knew they would have a better perspective than me. We were trying to figure out where to go with the song or how to end it, and then that’s when we started “yes, and-ing” into slowing it down into a sludge section and then flipping it to a black ‘n’ roll ending. I think it came down to Andy saying “what if we did this” and Nick and I just laughing being like “this is ridiculous, but fun, so let’s go with it.” And it’s gotten a much better response than we could have imagined.”


Photo credit: Benny Stucker (IG: benny_stucker)

Milquetoast is:

Ty Winslow – Vocals, Guitar

Andy Bowerman – Vocals, Bass

Nick James – Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Tucker Thomasson (Throne of Iron)

Mastered by Chris Fielding (Conan)

Album artwork by Ellie Shvaiko (illustrator of the Wise Blood logo)