EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Domkraft Streams New EP – “Slow Fidelity”

Ghost Cult is proud to present the brand new EP from psychedelic Doom Metal legends Domkraft, Slow Fidelity, out tomorrow via Blues Funeral Recordings. The band joins fellow Stoner and Doom luminaries in the Post Wax series such as Elder, Spotlights, Lowrider and more. The three-song EP is pure Domkraft: patient, righteously grooving, and heavy as all hell. In addition, these great new songs feature the ponderous final track ‘This Is Where We Part Ways’. With its hypnotic vibe and contributions from three heavy music masters; guest vocal contributions from Mark Lanegan Lea Alazam of Besvarjelsen and Marty of Slomatics, you get a mammoth tune. This is one of the most essential releases in the genre this year. Domkraft is fresh off of their star turn at the Magnetic Eye Records’ “Day of Doom” showcase at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, one of many highlight performances that night. Purchase and stream the EP right now, exclusively at Ghost Cult!


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Domkraft singer/bassist Martin Wegeland commented about creating a new EP as part of the PostWax project: “To us, the PostWax format is about trying new things out outside of the album context. So we tried to explore a bunch of new routes here. I am not saying we’re breaking new ground, it’s still very much Domkraft to us, but we allowed some elements to be more prominent than usual. And as far as the guest vocalists go, it felt great to be able to bring in Lea and Marty, two good friends with great voices, and a true legend in the shape of Mark Lanegan. Each of them fits their parts perfectly and it’s really cool to hear how special it all turned out.”