EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Akiavel – “Pentagram Tattoo”

Modern Melodic Death Metal band Akiavel has shared a new single, “Pentagram Tattoo,” from their upcoming new album. Vae Victis, which is Latin for “woe to the vanquished”, or “woe to the conquered” is due for release on April 23rd, 2021. Vae Victis follows their 2020 full-length V! The song is a total banger and follows their recent single and video “Frozen Beauties.” Check it out now and pre-order the album at the link below.

Vocalist Auré comments:

I chose Richard Ramirez because he has a terrifying personality, particularly with his beliefs, and so violent in his actions. He has no regrets. He remains frightening to this day. At his trial he went so far as to say, “See you at Disneyland.” He fascinates a lot…

“We are very proud of this album,” says guitar player Chris. “When the pandemic hit, and all our shows were cancelled, we adapted, becoming more creative and much more brutal in our music.”


The album will be released on CD with limited edition signed and numbered vinyl pressings. Pre-orders available now at this link: https://akiavel.com/


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