EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Witchcryer – “Nemesis ( The Inevitable)”

Incredible Stoner Doom band Witchcryer released their brand new album, When Their Gods Come For You today, Augst 20th, 2021 via the great Ripple Music. The band has teamed up with Ghost Cult to reveal their new single and music video for “Nemesis (
The Inevitable).” To match the powerful song, the compelling video explores the theme of the lyrics. According to the band the song “is a song about vengeance for crimes against women through lyrics based on the mythological tale of Greek goddess, “Nemesis” whose name evokes a meaning of “judgement”, “retribution”, and restoring balance to the world through acts of poetic justice and vengeance to those who committed acts of hubris and crime.” This entire presentation is indicative of an emerging band raising their game to match their many talents. Watch the video here at Ghost Cult right now and order the album today!


Witchcryer vocalist, Suzy Bravo comments on the story and lyrics:

“During my junior year in high school, a beautiful freshman girl that everyone knew was raped and murdered. It was discovered that another classmate who gave her a ride home after a party she was drunk at the night she was murdered was found guilty and executed. Years after the execution, I found out that several people at that party sexually assaulted her earlier that night. I don’t believe that those people were ever brought to justice and ever convicted for what they did to her before the murder took place.

About 2 years later, a 12 year old girl I know was raped and I had to be the one to call the rape crisis hotline, tell her mother, find help for her and her mother, go to the hospital with them, talk to the police, never find out who the rapist was nor see him brought to justice, and I’ve had to watch her deal with the demons that she’s had to face many decades after it happened to her.

Her rape and my classmate’s death fueled so much anger in me that I’ve never been able to resolve. It angers me that these people continue to exist without ever having justice served to them and then dealing with this feeling of helplessness for not being able to do anything about it. Writing and singing about it helps me work through those emotions and maybe imagine for a minute that the reality is that there is bad ass goddess out there taking care of business.”

The album will come with a digital book featuring special illustrations of each god mentioned on the album, by the likes of David Paul Seymour (“I Rise!”), John Michael Bowley (“Hellmouth”), Daniel Augustus Marschner (“Nemesis, the Inevitable”), Gerardo Quetzatl Garcia (“Quetzatlcoatl”), and cover artist Kyle Otto.

The music video was created through the collaboration of two Austin videographers with story shots by Erik Bredthauer from Necroblance Photography & Design and band shots by Marcos Morales and Josh Paul from Dirt City Studios. The story shots feature Nicole Adams (as Nemesis), Cooper Lakota Moon (as the killer), Autumn Lee (stalked female at bar), Andy Porter (bartender), and Suzy Bravo (jogger/murder victim). Bredthauer’s location for these shots took place between East Austin metal venue, The Lost Well and an Austin hike & bike trail. All band “fisheye” video shots were taken at John Petri’s Come & Track It studio. To create the dramatic slow motion effect of the band’s performance, Morales used a videography technique of a Slow/Fast Music Video Lip Sync created by recording the band performing to a sped up track at 150 bpm.

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