EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Weighdown – “Wild Hair”

Ghost Cult is excited to partner with Boston area Doomgaze band Weighdown who will release their new EP, Songs of Love and Disappointment, via GrindEthos Records on 2/15. Carving out a niche of their own for many years, active listeners will find common bonds with bands such as Nothing, Junius, Cloakroom, and more. Pre-orders for the EP will launch soon. The band will play their EP release show at one of our favorite venues, Koto, located in Salem, Massachusetts on March 8th. Stream their first single ‘Wild Hair’ right now over at our YouTube channel!

Singer Andrew Frongillo commented:

When I initially heard the main riff for “Wild Hair”, for some reason, it had this bright, happy aura to it and I felt that the lyrics needed to flow with that feeling. I was reading a book to my daughter one night and I had the melody that I wanted but no lyrics. As I watched my daughter fall asleep, that’s when the words came to me. I ran to my office to hop on my computer to type up what was in my head. This song is an ode to my daughter, a promise that as her father I will always protect her from the darkness in this world, both in her mind and in the physical world. Becoming a father has changed me for the better but in some ways put a canyon full of deeper fear inside my head. The title of the song came from my daughters, wild, untamable, mane of hair. May she stay as wild & free as her beauty, curly locks.“

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