EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Vessel of Iniquity – “Babalon”

Ghost Cult is proud to bring you the premiere of the newest track from Vessel of Iniquity! ‘Babalon’ is an unrelenting Blackened Death Metal assault on the senses, representing true modernity in kvlt music, while having a throwback aesthetic. The track comes from their new album Void of Infinite Horror coming out next Friday, January 25th via Sentient Ruin in the United States and Xenoglossy Productions in Europe.

Vessel Of Iniquity – Void of Infinite Horror

1. Invocation of the Heart Girt With a Serpent

2. Babalon

3. Void of Infinite Sorrow

4. Mother of Abomination

5. Once More Into the Abyss


Pre-orders (tape, digital, and vinyl) :