EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Torizon Shares New Video for “Burning Away”


Gothy Australian Alt-Rockers Torizon has shared a brand new music video for their single “Burning Away!” One year after the devastating bushfires that decimated their homeland, Torizon’s new song is an impassioned plea for climate change now, and a rallying cry against the forces against it. The band was busy of late, with their EP Singles Collection release, tours planned of Australia and East Asia, and a plan to record their debut album in Los Angeles, the band is looking to connect with more fans with their signature sound and vibrant live performances. Watch the clip for “Burning Away” right now!


Vocalist Mish explains “2020 has been a challenging year on a global scale. Starting with the Australian Bushfire Crisis which took a toll on the whole nation destroying land, homes, animals and everything else in the way. The inception of this song was from a place of powerlessness as we watched the world literally burn around us. Shortly after this song took on a whole new meaning when Covid-19 pandemic struck, we watched politicians all over the world put their people’s lives at risk in the name of their “economy” If anything, this year has proven that the world implodes when political agendas and beliefs stand in the way of Science and Climate Change. We watched the Arts Sector, which generated millions for the Bushfire Crisis, lose income for the foreseeable future with little to no support compared to every other sector in the world. So we put all our frustration into songwriting and it turned into Burning Away, where the lyric “Fires” has a twin barrelled literal and metaphorical meaning…the bushfires crisis, climate change and the Arts suffering”

Torizon is:

Vocals – Mish Sharma

Guitars – Sarah Allen

Drums – Aaron Hose

Bass – Jeremy Edwards


Video and Song Credits:

Co Produced By – Robb Torres (Robbery Inc, LA)

Mastering – Ian Sefchick (Capitol Studios, USA)

Photography, Filming, Video Editing & Graphic Design – Sarah Allen


Follow Torizon:

Store: https://torizon.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/torizonband/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/torizonmusic/

Spotify: http://bit.ly/Torizonspotify