EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Jackalopes Share a Video of Their Social Distortion Cover – “The Creeps”

Long-running badass Punk band The Jackalopes have shared a brand new cover of Social Distortion’s old-school track “The Creeps” their label Mosquito Hawk Records! Recorded in 2002 as part of a limited edition CD-R called “How I Wish You Were Still Here” that was only available at the band’s live shows.You can check out the track tomorrow (August 13th, 2022) on Bandcamp and on August 31st on Spotify and other streaming services! Check out the track right now!





Available as via Mosquito Hawk Records on Bandcamp August 13th 2022 and on Spotify and other streaming services August 31st, 2022.


Mosquito Hawk Records is pleased to announce the release of “The Creeps” by The Jackalopes. The song is a cover of a Social Distortion classic that The Jackalopes recorded in 2002 as part of a limited edition CD-R called “How I Wish You Were Still Here” that was only available at the band’s live shows. The band has compiled a new music video for the song with footage from a live show at the High Five in Columbus, Ohio that features the members heard on the recording – Rev. Chad Wells on vocals, Ronnie T. on Guitar, Jay Jay Thunder on Bass and Kyle Thirteen on Drums.


Formed in the back of a Tattoo shop in Dayton, Ohio in 1999, the band suffered a series of breakups and reunions through the years. The band has been mostly inactive since a rash of “relapse” shows back around 2016. In late 2019 a revamped lineup was announced for the Zombie Stomp Festival in Memphis, Tennessee that would’ve taken place in August 2020 but was canceled due to the pandemic. The fest would’ve featured a Horror Punk alumni Blitzkid, The Rosedales, The Epidemic and more legends from The Jackalopes prime years. The new lineup would’ve been fronted by the band’s only consistent member, vocalist and songwriter, Rev. Chad Wells and a band of players that included former and current members of Electric Frankenstein, Christian Death, Hooker Spit Windex and the Rev’s long running psychedelic rock band Cricketbows.


“This offer to get out and revisit these songs put me in Jackalopes mode again and the monster has been stirring all through this whole pandemic time” said Wells, leafing through a stack of aged flyers from the end of the last century, “we’re coming up on 25 years since we formed and we supported all of the legends. The Misfits, the Ramones guys… And all the bands that were making their names back then, The Donnas, The Ataris, Nashville Pussy… We played with bands like Mushroomhead and then we played with bands on Alternative Tentacles and Lookout and Fat and… just everybody. So I feel like now it’s time for me to get everything released that isn’t available anymore and to start to try to share what our legacy was. The people who were there know but there are new generations finding us from old comps we’re on with the Murderdolls or The Fartz or Electric Frankenstein or Mr. Bungle or whatever.”


Wells says that he expects that the next couple years will see the release of an enormous amount of material from The Jackalopes, from fan-shot live shows to unreleased tracks as well as the creation of some new material from the band. “There are another couple albums worth of songs that never got recorded” said Wells as he sorts through stacks of VHS tapes and CD-R’s with the band’s name emblazoned in Sharpie on their spines and faces, “It would be a waste if these things just sit and rot on these tapes.”