Los Angeles anarcho Punks SP’s are releasing their new EP tomorrow, Rise/Fall via Baby Robot Records! In a scant few years, the band has made a mark with catchy old-school punk vibes, firey tunes, lyrics steeped in resistance, and a general war against the anti-intelligentsia future we face on all fronts. Their new single is “Shift Status” and Ghost Cult is proud to rep this band and this track today!

SP’s frontman Steve Albertson commented:

Shift Status” is about divide-and-conquer politics devised to keep people from rising up and taking what should be their (our) right: health, happiness, freedom. Instead, we direct our attention toward fake enemies, while rich individuals, political actors, and massive corporations continue to take more for themselves at the expense of the rest of the population and the planet. Never-ending war. The disenfranchisement of entire populations through a corrupt justice system. There are certain people in power (in our country and abroad) that want to sow discord, to see constant infighting and bickering based on gender, the language we first learned to speak, the color of someone’s skin, gender issues, sexual preference, etc… It’s the constant dehumanizing of a group that allows people to feel that it’s alright to do terrible things to people, because they feel that they are “less than,” nothing but firewood, a thing whose only purpose is to be destroyed.”

“This song is a rallying call to come together and recognize that there are forces at work around us, constantly misdirecting our attention toward things that don’t matter so we won’t come together and take care of each other. That sounds like some hippy shit, but it’s actually some anarchist shit, pro-union, feminist… it’s about coming together and fighting for equality and fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.”

Lyrics: ‘Shift Status’

Subjugate the population with these garbage wars and in-fighting while they take away the rights of you

Keep the disenfranchised and those without a voice enslaved, the illusion of choice. This how they lie to you

It’s a story as old as time. Borders are meaningless. Tower of Babylon.

Separate us by language or echelon

Treat people like firewood or automatons

Now it’s time to for us to take care of one another universal housing, college and health for you

Financial war against the poor, student debt and frivolous fines taking cash away from you

It’s a story as old as time. Kings versus peasants. Bad King John.

Riot police busting heads with batons

Political parties, fiefdoms or mafia dons

We live in a digital world where direct democracy should be the future for us too

Can we trust the population to be informed with so much propaganda directed right at you

It’s a story as old as time. History written by the victors, or the loudest one

Media’s brainwashing evangelist pawns

We’re no exception, whose voice will you decide on


Alright now, my brother

Gather ‘round, support one another

Let’s go, my sister

More shouting and less whispers

A maelstrom of mayhem

There’s more of us then there are of them

Reconfigure, this apparatus

It’s time to shift our status