EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Small Shares a New Single – “Open Casket”

Atlanta’s post-Grunge Punks Small have teamed up with Ghost Cult today for the premiere of their new single “Open Casket!” The band’s new album Decathexis (out Sept. 30 on Triphouse Records) deals with society’s shrinking and softening of the feminine and disarms with its raw & fearless emotional honesty. The track is a vicious and raw accounting of an ex’s funeral, coping with grief, and ultimately pushing through those emotions. Check out the track here.



“Everything with SMALL is an aggrandizement of the feminine,” Severin explains. “The masculine is usually credited with being more proactive, aggressive, violent; but this is also inherent in the feminine experience. Naming the band SMALL—all caps—alludes to the nature of the feminine to shrink to make space for the masculine in a gender binary. The name also reflects the way our inner feminine self shrinks to make room for our inner masculine self. It’s the idea of this large, violent feminine that’s in turmoil and experiences pain in a very deep, connected–to-the-Earth sort of way, and how the fury that lies within that has been softened and flattened to flowers and bows.”