EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Slack Times Shares a New Single and Video for “Can’t Count on Anyone”

Alabama based Indie-Pop band Slack Times has dropped a brand new EP – At the Blue Melon Rendezvouz! The EP is marked with the band’s classic jangle-pop driven throwback sound, but fresh and modern too. This is evidenced by the lead single and video – “Can’t Count On Anyone,” which you can see at Ghost Cult today. This video is incredible and very funny, directed by creative visionary by Marine Hercouët! Watch it now!


The band describes the single as such: “This track is really about someone who’s chasing an unrealistic dream and perpetually failing in that pursuit. Eventually, the person embraces self-sabotage and spoils their dream. It’s also about depending on other people and, along the way, learning that you really can’t count on anyone.”


The track’s accompanying music video was illustrated, animated, and directed by Marine Hercouët, who the band got in contact with via Instagram. The video captures he story behind the track, which details an out-of-work actor who has a few too many drinks before arriving at an open-call audition.


At the beginning of the video, the viewer sees the following expression: “Se me hizo bola.” According to Marine, “In Spanish, it literally translates as ‘it turned into a ball’ but it means ‘it got out of hands’ — usually when you’re obsessed with something, [you] forget about the time or the reality surrounding you, which is pretty much what happens with the story!”


Purchase and stream the EP here:



Slack Times is:

Chris McCauley: Guitar and vocals

Will Stewart: Guitar and vocals

Stuart Norman: Guitar


At the Blue Melon Rendezvouz – tracklisting

  1. Can’t Count On Anyone
  2. My Time
  3. Pacing
  4. Yips