EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Ondt Blod Streams New Single – Start Han Opp

Rising Norwegian melodic post-hardcore Ondt Blod is just weeks away from dropping their new album Natur on the world, from the always high-quality Fysisk Format label. The band has partnered with Ghost Cult to drop their newest single, ‘Start Han Opp’, which continues their penchant for catchy, heavy, and politically charged tracks that have made them one of the up and coming bands in the world right now. Jam out to ‘Start Han Opp’ now!

Vocalist Aslak commented:

Grandiose bragging, and a middle finger to tastemakers and their followers. Humbly stating that I´m the “dárrolaš Áilohaš/ the Norwegian Áilohaš”, the greatest in Sápmi, and ”young and hungry til I die”. Heavy riffage, and a hedonistic chorus filled with power and joy. A double gasoline-and-tonic coming up.”

Natur was produced by Blood Command’s Yngve Andersen and drops on on March 9th. Like all of Ondt Blod’s music, it comes with powerful underlying political messages, in this case a manifesto from the perspective of the indigenous Sami people of Lapland, Norway. It’s a call to arms against the on-going colonization and oppression that they face, set to a backdrop of the bands’ music. The band’s singer, Aslak, is also a political activist and a very opinionated man on subjects like Sami-rights and environmental politics. Aslak has been secretary in the board of environment and economy politics in the Red party (aka Norwegian socialist party) and also works alongside Greenpeace.

Pre-order Natur from http://www.fysiskformat.no/