EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Mammabear – “King Has Fallen”

Ghost Cult has partnered up with Atlanta indie-rockers Mammabear to debut their new single, ‘King Has Fallen’. The track comes from their forthcoming new album Say, due out on out April 26 via Slush Fund Recordings. The track is short, to the point and totally killer. ‘King Has Fallen’ is full of catchy hooks, urgent post-punk feels, and intelligent lyrics that tees up Say nicely. We can’t wait to hear the rest of this album! Check out the track below and pre-order the album too.


Kyle Gordon of Mammabear comments:

‘King Has Fallen’ is about a revolution that should have happened but never will. It’s about not being able to see who the real enemy is; it’s about their celebrated and much flaunted victory over us. ‘King Has Fallen’ is about how we are tearing ourselves apart rather than those with their boots on our necks. We are not as free as you may think, so how are you gonna act?”

Pre-order Say by Mammabear at this link: https://squareup.com/store/slush-fund/

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