EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Kim Bingham Shares “Beppe Green” Video

At Ghost Cult, we champion the atypical artist who takes you out of your typical box and explores a change from the everyday. Today we bring you the video première from artist Kim Bingham and the brain-warping video for ‘Beppe Green’! The sunny pop-punk track is juxtaposed, heartfelt lyrics and the clip is full of with the insane visuals that will bring you right back to the 1980s, specifically the cut-up style of old MTV commercials! Bingham may not be a household name yet, but the Canadian singer and guitarist is best known for her solo career also as Mudgirl and The Kim Band, for her collaborations with Bran Van 3000, Nelly Furtado, and David Usher (she was the co-vocalist on ‘Black Black Heart’), composer of Award-winning soundtracks (Les Invincibles) and much more. Singing in both English and Italian for the first time ever, ‘Beppe Green’ is about a mysterious hairstylist from Veneto who stole Kim’s heart with his Giuseppe Verdi old fashioned and charming looks. Watch it now!