EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Huelga – ‘Chinga de Perro’

Instrumental metal act Huelga is the brainchild of artist/activist and jazz multi-instrumentalist Michael Fonseca of Austin, TX. Huelga is bringing the release of his debut EP next month, promising to rewrite the book on progressive metal. Huelga, mixed by Mick Kenny of Anaal Nathrahk, will be released in digital and cassette format on April 5th, 2019. Inspired by modern composers Charles Ives, Frank Zappa, and Elliot Carter, as well as the Chicano Movement and the current political tensions that have come to a boil on the Texas/Mexico border, Huelga is making an emphatic statement musically and politically. Check out the new single ‘Chinga de Perro’ right here at Ghost Cult!

Preorder here. https://huelga.bandcamp.com/album/huelga

Side 1

1.The Very Marrow of our Bones

2.Chinga de Perro

Side 2

3.No Word for Blue part I

4.No Word for Blue part II