EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Hans Condor Shares New Single – “Blood On The Rug”


Nashvillains and Punks Hans Condor have shared a new single “Blood On The Rug!” The track comes from their forthcoming new full-length Breaking and Entering, out November 16th via Dial Back Sound. The bands throwback spirit and uncompromising snarling delivery will give you chills and enough gusto to punch an asshat out cold! Get your dancing shoes on and pogo around your room as you jam “Blood On The Rug” now!

Frontman Charles Kaster comments:

“It’s about when we were on the road with King Bros and we were headed back to Nashville to play a record store. The store owner called us on the way to the show freaking out cuz he’d heard about how rowdy the show was the night before in Atlanta. He was spazzing about getting blood on the rug, hence ‘Blood On The Rug.’ It’s about the reputation some bands get for putting on a high energy show. Everyone wants that until it’s in their living room.”


How exactly did Hans Condor come to work at Nashville’s Grand Victor Sound, historically known as RCA Studio A? The backstory is the stuff of podcast fodder. Call it ’Methadone & Spikes’? The story has former management entering them into a contest called “Rubber Tracks” put on by Converse shoes in the summer of 2015. The band figured it might be good for a round of retreads.

All of the tracks that make up Breaking and Entering ended up in the custody of Bronson Tew and Matt Patton of Water Valley, Mississippi’s Dial Back Sound. The performances were mixed and mastered by the two co-owners and production partners. As the album wrapped and time drifted the band would hit a series of managerial and personal snags that made hiatus seem like the thing to do. The death blow of founding bassist Erik Holcombe put any future releases and the band’s existence in serious doubt.

Hans Condor’s Breaking And Entering comes out on vinyl, CD and Bandcamp on Tuesday, November 16th via Dial Back Sound. Click here to pre-order.



* FCC clean for airplay

  1. Rock n Roll Animal
  2. Instant Gratification Generation *
  3. Breaking and Entering *
  4. All Messed Up on Death Metal and Sh*t * (except for the title)
  5. Blood on the Rug
  6. Rock n Roll Bullsh*t
  7. You S*ck at Your Job
  8. Pent-up Aggression
  9. Hardwired For Death *
  10. Motörhead *
  11. I Got Mine *
  12. Hannah Van Condor


Hans Condor Tour Dates:

Oct 23 – The Basement – Nashville, TN

Nov. 19 – The Nick – Birmingham, AL

Dec 31 – Exit In – Nashville, TN

[additional dates to be announced]


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