EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Faith In Jane – “Axe To Oak” New Album Stream


Prolific Maryland Psychedelic Rock disciples Faith in Jane will release their new album Axe To Oak, tomorrow, October 7th, 2022 via Grimoire Records. The band has made a name for themselves in that hearty, heavy scene, and is one of the most consistent bands in the genre over the last decade. The band has teamed up with Ghost Cult to stream the entire new album! Purchase and stream the album right now!

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Drummer Alex Llewellyn comments:

“We are excited to present the next chapter of our sonic journey! This new batch of songs captures the Faith In Jane sound at its tightest, catchiest, and most mature yet. To support the album, we have a few shows coming up in October/November, and we’re planning to set up a tour early next year.”



Faith In Jane Tour Dates:

10/09/2022 Skystage – Frederick, MD


10/20/2022 Another Round Bar And Grill – Richmond, VA


10/21/2022 Olde Mother – Frederick, MD


10/22/2022 TBA


10/23/2022 Mr. Beerys – Bethpage, NY


11/12/2022 Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD



An incredibly prolific band, Axe To Oak serves as Faith In Jane’s eighth studio album in their ten years as a band, the record delivering a curious ‘90s grunge element in their psych rock vibes. Packing seven extensive tracks into a dense forty-minute excursion, Axe To Oak was engineered by Greg Diener (Pale Divine, Beelzefuzz) in July 2021, mixed and mastered by Grimoire Records’ Noel Mueller at Tiny Castle in June 2022, and competed with artwork by Austyn Sullivan and layout by Mueller.



Faith In Jane was formed in 2008 by Dan Mize (guitar/vocals/lyrics), Brendan Winston (bass), and Alex Llewellyn (drums), who remain as the current lineup. Beginning as a punk rock band with a reggae influence, the members rediscovered their love for Black Sabbath, and over time, brought in more psychedelic and progressive elements to their sound, embracing improvisation as they soaked up the influence of bands such as King Crimson and Grateful Dead, as well as jazz legends John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Playing with bands such as Corrosion Of Conformity, The Obsessed, Eyehategod, Trouble, Conan, Captain Beyond, Earthride, Beelzefuzz, Pale Divine, and Caustic Casanova, their reputation has been steadily growing since they first arrived on the Maryland doom metal scene in 2012, where they are five-time veterans of the Maryland Doom Fest.



Axe To Oak features some of the tightest songs Faith In Jane has recorded, the product of two years spent refining unrecorded material and writing brand new songs; so many, in fact, that several songs recorded during the sessions have been set aside for future release. Their songwriting is more focused than ever, placing stronger emphasis on the vocals and lyrics while continuing to develop their trademark heavy rock sound. Menacing yet swinging riffs balance dread and boogie in the best Black Sabbath tradition; the rumbling bass groove that carries the songs has been enhanced by a fresh layer of fuzz; and bluesy, whiskey-soaked leads soar over everything like an eagle flying over their native Appalachians. The whole package is enhanced by their best production work to date.



Faith In Jane will support the release of Axe To Oak with a run of East Coast tour dates in October, with more widespread touring expected in the new year. See all confirmed dates below and watch for updates to post shortly.


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