EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Endure The Affliction – “Identity”

Louisiana Melodic Metalcore band Endure The Affliction will release their new single tomorrow, August 6th, 2021, “Identity” – which you can hear at Ghost Cult today. The track is the first taste of new music from their upcoming new EP, due later in 2021. Blending heavy, aggressive tracks, with catchy tunefulness; the band also values their Southern roots and influences in their writing. Jam out to “Identity” right now!


The band comments:

“Most people will reach a point in life where they take a deep look into themelves and realize that they aren’t the person they want to be; that they could be so much more. Since humans are problem solvers, we seek what got us to that point and eliminate it. This is what this song is about; that journey of ‘fixing’ yourself from the inside out.”

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