Today Ghost Cult proudly brings you the première of the brand new song from Norway’s mystic folk prophets Byrdi, ‘Solsnu’. With a reputation that has been rising for years in the underground, they are back with the entrancing first track from their forthcoming new album Byrjing (Trollmusic). Check it out now!


With its hypnotic Jaw Harp, delicate percussion, and deep resonating vocal chants, Byrdi’s ‘Solsnu’ will captivate the thoughtful music listener. With their music aligning with the greats of the genre, our scribe Chris Tippell wrote in his review of their last album Ansur: Urkraft, the band delves “into colourful Scandinavian folk music which is both rooted in tradition but also offers a tone that will suit an extreme metal fan’s collection.”

The band has commented:
Solsnu or in English Wintersolstice. The light conquers darkness again. Ragnarok is not the end of existence. Ragnarok is the beginning of something new. We bring the wisdom learned from the experience of living and into the life path that lays ahead. Not only does this song hold deep personal roots in all of us, it also stands firm in our ancestral history as one of the, if not the most, holy of celebrations and rituals in their beliefs. The circle of dark and light is a symbioses that cannot be broken. Without it we will perish. Solsnu!

We want to welcome Jørn Øyhus back on board with Byrdi. The circle is dead, all hail the eternal circle. It feels really good to have him back on board. We have such a strong and intense energy between us these days it feels like we are reborn. And we really are. This release of Solsnu and playing at Solsnu 2018 at Rock In with our friends Elvarhøi and a harp solo concert from our lovely harpist Giulia Wyrd-Svartskog, is not only mentally being reborn, Byrdi is also physically being reborn.

‘Solsnu’ credits:

Music: Nash Rothanburg

Lyrics: Voluspá and Nash Rothanburg

Nash Rothanburg: vocals and Jawharp

Andreas Paulsen: vocals

Trygve Ramnefjell: vocals

Mathias Gyllengahm: Keyed Fiddle

Kjell Braaten: drums and percussion

Mix: Jørn Øyhus

Recording technician: Anders Langberg

Cover art: Christian Voss

Layout: Dan Capp

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