EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Beverly Crusher – “Gimmie The Power”

Seattle Punk Rock power trio Beverly Crusher is back! They are releasing a new album Waste of Waves, next week on August 12th, 2022 via Freakout Records! The self-described music the band makes is “Acid Punk” and they bring equal parts hot fire punk jams, humor, and smarts. They have teamed up with Ghost Cult today to share their slamming new single, “Gimmie The Power” which you can check out now!


The band commented:

Gimmie the power is an anthem that takes many forms. Sometimes it’s a chant for revolution, sometimes its a call to the after world asking for for unworldy help , but always its about cozells unrational fear and obsession with Chucky…”

Seattle punk rock band Beverly Crusher has been chipping away and threatening a full album for about three years and finally have come to the point they can share said forthcoming new album Waste of Waves, due August 12th on Freakout Records.


Beverly Crusher Bio:

Beverly Crusher is a Seattle based band playing what they have coined as Acid Punk. As commanding as their namesake, their slick riffs and heavy shredding evoke flying car chases of the future. Pedal-to-the-metal bass playing by Max Stiles and the volcanic drumming of Sam Stiles are perfect ride-or-dies for Cozell Wilson’s ruthless guitar and vox. Formed in 2014, the trio offers heavy, high energy rock that’s guaranteed to make your ears smirk. Their latest album, Candy Crusher, released by Den Tapes, offers livid lyrics and in-your-face guitar solos, whether listening through headphones or headbanging at their live shows. Aj Dent


If the Dirtbombs were read Our Band Could Be Your Life instead of bedtime stories when they were children, they might have turned out like Beverly Crusher. Alongside Max and Sam Stiles (on bass and drums, respectively), frontman Cozell Wilson sounds like a soul singer at the basement punk show, wailing heartfelt pleas after hydrating his throat with several cans of lukewarm beer.

Waste of Waves – tracklisting:

  1. Chelvin ft Phil Harmonic
  2. Gimme the Power
  3. Beast
  4. Vacuum
  5. Scab
  6. Falling Knives
  7. Do The Fool
  8. Chelvis ft Phil Harmonic
  9. Mama
  10. Scared
  11. Covid Hang ft Phil Harmonic
  12. Drops of Stupider
  13. Kitties ft Will Stiles
  14. Sam Dgaf
  15. New Song