Grand Forks, British Columbia throwback heavy rockers BADGUYSWIN are dropping a new album, Cowards, April 10th via Waterlow Audio. The band has teamed up with us today for the premiere of their brand new video for their track ‘Needle Beach’. Even though the members of the band have all been friends since childhood and play in the Tech Metal band Slagduster, BADGUYSWIN calls back ot the Stoner Rock and Grunge sounds of their youth. Watch the clip for ‘Needle Beech’ right now!

Nearly one-hour long adventure ready to be enjoyed through you’re headphones in a beanbag chair or blasted from the speakers of your 93′ Honda Civic.” says vocalist/guitarist Shane Sherman.

We have worked tirelessly over the last year writing, tweaking and recording our first release and we’re just quivering with anticipation to share with the world our modern take on grunge rock. If you’ve been pining for a record that gives you raw and heavy tunes with harmony and hooks we have got you covered.

After years of writing complex and intricate music, members of Slagduster embrace their musical roots and write a rock record that defies decades. Taking a more minimalistic approach, we’ve dropped the screaming and puzzling time signatures to create a sound that beckons back to a time when songwriting was key.

With influences ranging from Soundgarden to Queens Of The Stone Age and everything else in between, we are ready to deliver to this newborn puppy of hard rock that even the coldest of plaid wearing hipsters can enjoy.

We have crafted a record that we hope listeners will enjoy from start to finish. Each song placed in an order we feel will truly take the passenger on a sonic personal journey.”

1. Like A Sailor (4:36)

2. Lowlifer (3:13)

3. Honey Bucket (4:06)

4. Lying To Myself (3:30)

5. Between Hook And Hole (4:11)

6. Fly On The Wall (5:28)

7. Coal (4:32)

8. August 8th (3:54)

9. Needle Beach (2:54)

10. Legends Of The Wheel (4:19)

11. Under It All (3:31)

12. Central (5:29)

Album Length: 49:50

Album Credits:

All songs performed by: BADGUYSWIN

All songs written by: Shane Sherman and BADGUYSWIN

Produced by: Shane Sherman and Zak Waterlow

Mixed by: Zak Waterlow

Mastered by: Brock McFarlane

Album Artwork by: Shane Sherman

Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album Band Line Up:

Shane Sherman – Vocals, Lead Guitar

Zak Waterlow – Drums

Joe Northcott – Bass Guitar

Eddie Bitzan – Rhythm Guitar

Live Band Line Up:

Shane Sherman – Vocals, Guitar

Zak Waterlow – Drums

Alex Huber – Bass Guitar, Vocals