EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Bad Citizen – “Demolition” Lyric Video

Veteran New York City rockers Bad Citizen are back with another brand new single! The latest single is the third in a series of tracks the band was holding back for their future EP, also titled Demolition, but opted to get the music out to the people now, due to the state of the world in 2020. The raw bluesy swagger of the main riff and verse of “Demolition” gives way to the insanely hooky chorus! It’s like a mashup of Queens of The Stone Age and The Ramones, two solid influences on any modern band. According to the band, lyrically the track is about not giving a fuck about what people think about you and staying grounded in your own sense of individuality. Check out “Demolition’ right now!


Singer Matt Southerland comments:

“We were initially going to release the entire EP in Fall 2020 but we’re going to hold off until 2021 so we can properly support the collective work with live shows. Until then, we’ll be leaking singles from the EP up until next year, so be ready to hear more new music from us soon!”

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