EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Alpha-o-MAGA – “Americunt”

Coming from the American Heartland, Alpha-o-MAGA is a grindcore band in the great tradition of reactionaries and outsiders such as grind pioneers such as Napalm Death, Terrorizer, and modern crust punk. Absurdist, furious but surgical, Alpha-o-MAGA is a fist the face of hypocrisy and sycophants. The band has dropped their new video for their new single ‘Americunt’, the latest screed in their prime directive to “Make America Grind Again”!

This isn’t a hoax, this isn’t a witch hunt, this is a movement. Open your eyes, perk up your ears and brace your self for an assault of truth. We have the best truth. It is fantastic. Really, it will change your life. Nothing can stop us now, Make America Grind Again!


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