EXCLUSIVE: Dig Deep Into The Story Of Into The Great Divide’s Prog Masterpiece

Into The Great Divide released a progressive metal masterwork on January 26th,, a self-titled album that is the sole-vision of emerging artist Zack Zalon. The project is a re-interpretation Joseph Campbell’s classic and influential 1949 archetype The Hero’s Journey into 10 musical chapters. Musically the DNA has a lot in common with the best instrumental progressive metal albums, complete with story narration. The album was produced by Richard Chycki (Dream Theater, Rush) and features Mike Mangini of Dream Theater on drums. Ghost Cult is partnering with the band this week to bring you the EXCLUSIVE backstory behind each song in the form of additional tracks, fleshing out the narrative. Stay tuned to our site and our social media channels for more content from Into The Great Divide.